Bird national parks are necessary for a lot of reasons. Because of the way the environment is being exploited, these feathered creatures are in danger of being homeless – or worse, killed. Nature lovers have to step in in order to save them and the environment in the process.

Of course, there is another reason for doing having these bird parks. It is a great venue for ornithologists to safely observe them. The birds continue to thrive in a safe environment and the scientists studying them can set up their equipment without disturbance or tampering. This will help them get the best raw data to help them understand birds and their environments.

List of Bird National Parks around the world

There are many bird national parks all over the world. Here are some of the most prominent parks that you can consider visiting if you are serious about bird watching.

Bird Paradise National Park, Turkey

Also known as the Manyas Bird Paradise, this park was declared as such in 1959. Basic trees and hundreds of flowering plants, rush, and grasses abound in the place. It includes a lake where fresh water fish, lobster, and frogs thrive. Of course, the park is home to various species of birds. It is actually an important stop for several migratory birds. If you are an avid bird watcher, this is a great place for you to visit. There is an estimate of 246 species that visit the park as they go along their usual migratory route.

Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique

Back in 1965, this park recorded 339 different bird species. This does not even include those living in the surrounding areas or on Mount Gorongosa. This is proof that from the very start, this park has an exceptionally diverse ecosystem. If you want to witness several birds in their natural habitat, you want to go on a Mozambique safari. The best time to go is in November when the migratory birds arrive from the Northern part of the globe. The combination of the migratory and resident birds make for a great breeding season.

Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary, Senegal

Like the other bird national parks, this sanctuary is a haven for migratory birds. Here, you will find around 1.5 million birds like the white pelican, great egret, African spoonbill, cormorant, and purple heron. Although it is in the middle of a desert, this oasis thrives because of the lakes, backwaters, and ponds that lie within the 16,000 hectares of land. It used to be just the first stopover on the migration route of the birds but since the park worked on adding best boxes, the birds started to breed here. That means there is an expected increase in migratory and nesting species in the years to come.

Yellowstone National Park, US

One of the most famous parks in the US is also a great big bird sanctuary. Since 1872, park officials have been recording the presence of 300 species of birds. These include raptors, shorebirds, waterfowl, and songbirds. Of the species recorded in the park for the past centuries, there are 150 species that nest in Yellowstone. Through the data coming from the observation of these birds, the park officials and ornithologists are able to get valuable information about climate change and how to improve their natural habitat.

Manu National Park, Peru

This biosphere reserve is located in Cusco, Peru. In the past, it was naturally conserved because it was practically inaccessible by road. But if you really want to observe birds in the rawest and natural habitat, then you might want to go through the necessary trek to reach it. Among the other bird national parks, this is one of the those that has the highest biodiversity. There are over 1,000 species of birds thriving in this area. That is more than the number of birds that can be found in the US and Canada combined.