Among the thousands of species of birds in this world, which of them are the most beautiful birds? These feathered creatures are most admired for their beauty. The majority of them are actually beautiful in their own way. Their unique feathers, size, wings, structure and features make for an amazing sight to behold. Of course, people have different opinions when it comes to what is physically attractive and what is not.

However, there are certain birds that everyone will agree are beautiful. Regardless of your personal perceptions, you have to agree that these are the most beautiful birds in the world.

10 of the most beautiful birds in the world

Here is a list of the 10 most beautiful and attractive birds in the world.

Hyacinth Macaw

This bird is the largest of the flying parrots in the world. The Hyacinth Macaw has an attractive plumage in a beautiful shade of cobalt blue. Also called the blue macaw, these birds have a beautiful long tail and a black curved bill.

Wood Duck

The combination of metallic, purple, and green shades in its head and crest places this duck in our list of most beautiful birds. The male, has a white belly, dark-red chest, blue and black wings, and white stripes along the neck. The female is less colourful but still as beautiful with its combination of grey-brown head, white speckled breast, and white belly. The male Wood Ducks use their colourful plumage to attract the female ducks to breed when it is in season.

Bohemian Waxwing

This songbird has a combination of crested head with black masks. They have an overall brownish-grey colour with wings tipped with white and yellow. The earth hues, when combined, make the waxwing one of the most attractive birds in North America – where it usually resides.

Blue Jay

This is another bird that is dominantly blue in colour. Known for their intelligence, these birds are also admired for their beauty. Their feathers come in a combination of blue, white and black streaks around the head and neck.

Atlantic Puffin

This seabird looks a lot like a parrot and penguin – with its black feathers, white chest and face, and colourful beak that is a combination of black, white, and orange. Apart from their beauty, these marvelous creatures are also great divers. In fact, they can reach 60 metres when they are diving. Not only that, they can fly really fast – up to 55 miles per hour.

Keel-billed Toucan

This bird has a really attractive beak. It is very colourful and can get quite long for its size. The green, red, and yellow hues on its beak are also the reason why it is sometimes called the rainbow-billed toucan. Even if its body is only black and white, it still makes for a great combination that places it as part of the most beautiful birds in the world.


These birds are the epitome of what beauty looks like. But if you thought that peacocks were the females, they are actually the male bird in the peafowl family. These birds use their tails to court females during the breeding season. Their colourful tail feathers are actually longer than their actual body.


These beautiful red-purple birds are part of the list thanks to their colour, graceful long neck, and lean legs. The downward bend of the beak is also an asset that fits perfectly in the overall display of a flamingos structure. When they are seen as a colony, they can be quite magnificent to behold.

Scarlet Macaw

This very colourful bird lives in the humid evergreen rainforests of Central and South America. They are dominantly red with a blue back. Their wings are yellow and tipped with green shades. The beak of the macaw is also an attractive feature that is white with a black tip. These birds are great fliers and can live for a very long time.

Golden Pheasant

The bright colours and attractive combination of hues of the golden pheasant make it one of the most beautiful birds on our list. The bird’s crest is golden-yellow that is tipped with red. The underpart and face have a bright shade of red and the throat and sides are a rusty tan. You will also notice that it has shades of yellow on its wattle and green on its upper back. The shoulder feathers are dark red and the tail is brown. As you can see, this bird features a lot of colours and the combination is quite physically attractive.